PETKIT 'Swipe' Interactive Premium Cat Scratcher Lounger and Interactive Chaser Puzzle Toy


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The PETKIT SWIPE Cat Scratcher Lounger Toy comes in a unique modern design meant to target your cat's urge to both scratch, play or tease and smell all in one device. Features a see-through sand-plastic plastic chamber with 2 balls inside that glide effortlessly around the track, the green ball contains catnip and the orange ball is equipped with inner bells that creates a lot of fun and chasing entertainment while fulfilling their catnip senses. The middle interior features a premium rounded cardboard cat scratcher unit that doubles as a larger lounging surface for napping.
ITEM DIMENSIONS: Length 16 x Width 16 x Height 3

  • Features 2 Teaser Balls inside. The Green Ball Contains Insertable Catnip and the Orange Ball Feature Inner Ringing Bells that when combined Capture Teasing and Catnip Senses and Urges.
  • Exterior shell is Rimmed with Durable Transparent Perforated Sand-blast treated Plastic, Performated and Transparent so Cats can See and Chase the Balls around Track
  • Features an Inner-Circled Larger Lounging Area that is Made of Premium Grade Density Corrugated Cardboard
  • The Interior Cardboard Surface Area is Large Enough for Napping with Tremendous a 16 Inch Diameter
  • Great for Improving Cognitive Behavior while Creating a Relaxing and Enjoyable way to keep your Kitty Entertained.

Materials: Plastic

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