6 MONTH K9 Advantix II RED for Large Dogs (21-55 lbs)

6 MONTH K9 Advantix II RED for Large Dogs (21-55 lbs)


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Is your pet spending its idle time scratching and nibble certain areas on its body? This can be a sign of tick or flea infestation. These parasites are often passed on to your pets by other animals and pets. Apart from spreading itchy skin rashes, ticks and fleas are also carriers of deadly pathogens. What’s worse is that some of these diseases can get transmitted from pets to humans. Simply put, you need a product that can eliminate the resident tick or flea population as well as prevent future infestations.

K9 Advantix II is definitely one of the top choices. Manufactured by Bayer, one of the leading pet care companies in the world, the product promises to kill and repel ticks, fleas, and mosquitos. Its waterproof formulation remains effective even after the pet gets wet. The K9 Advantix II solution works by attacking all the life stages of the parasites killing adult bugs, larvae, and eggs.

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