20pcs - Soft Nail Caps for Cats

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  • Non-toxic Material】 The cat nail caps are made of eco-friendly PVC material,non-toxic,durable and soft,do no harm to your kittes.
  • 【Eazy to Use】 Trim cat nails first(not necessary for kittens),apply glue into the cap(about 1/3),wait until the glue is half-dry,put it on the nail and wait till it’s completely attached.Normally it keeps about 2-6 weeks(depends on their activities) and then come off with their nail grows.
  • 【Size and Package】Small size caps for 6lb-8lb kittens.Middle size caps for 9lb-13lb cats.6 colors 120 pcs mixed with 6 adhesives and applicators.
  • 【Practical Grooming Caps】Not only are the caps a good way to primp your cat’s claws,they also protect your furniture from getting scratched and yourself getting hurt.
  • 【Tips】Most cats adapt quickly while some could bite and try to take It off.It’s their nature and you can try a few more times until they can get used to this.When put on the caps.

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