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I have a Dutch Warmblood mare, Paris that is now 18 years old. I have competed with her on the A circuit prior to having my children. We competed in the 3 ft Adult Amateurs and 1.0 Meter Jumpers.

Let's face it the life of a competition horse is hard on their joints! It doesn't matter what discipline the horse takes part in every once in awhile they all need a little help. Paris, was doing weekends back to back and she needed something to help her keep up with the demanding schedule of show life. Yes, we did routine joint injections at the beginning of the year but that didn't last the entire season. Now, I didn't want to keep injecting her joints all through out show season. I decided to put her on a joint supplement. 

I have personally used the Recovery HA joint supplement on my horse and it has worked wonders. I am not saying that it is going to fix any lameness issues, but it does help a horse's joints to keep in tip top shape. I believe that many horses could benefit from being on a joint supplement. They do not even have to be at competition level, an ageing horse or pleasure horse can also use the support of joint supplements. Try, to think of your body and how it feels after riding most times are great but as you age the aches and pains start. 

Cost wise, I would always think of what my vet bill would be if my Veterinarian has to come out and do work on her. The cost of the joint supplement far out weighed vet bills!!!

If you are looking to try something to help your horse in any ring, trail or pleasure situation then I highly recommend giving the Recovery HA a try. 

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